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Examining the Importance of Proper Roof Ventilation

Last updated 6 years ago

When adding a new roof to your home, you might take into consideration aesthetic appeal, insulation properties, and waterproofing capabilities. However, you may unfortunately forget about the importance of ventilation. Proper roof ventilation is the least understood aspect of a healthy home, but it is vitally important. Besides broiling or freezing attic air, the use of home appliances can wreak havoc on an unventilated roof. Proper roof ventilation will prevent:

• Condensation
Running household appliances like dishwashers and dryers introduce moisture into your home’s air that naturally rises to the attic. Without proper ventilation, the water vapor will condense and anything metal inside the attic will rust, decreasing the integrity of your wooden roof deck. It will also create an environment for molds, spores, and fungi, all of which present health hazards throughout the home.

• Heat Buildup
If you’ve ever been up in an attic, you know that it can get sweltering during the summer. Without ventilation, heat builds up and has nowhere else to go but down into your home, forcing your cooling system to work harder. Heat buildup is also damaging to roofing materials, reducing your roof’s lifespan and undermining its integrity.

• Ice Dams
Ice dams, or the formation of ice on the edge of your roof, can do significant damage to your roofing system. Ice dams are formed when unventilated hot attic air melts snow at the roof’s highest point. This melted snow then runs down and refreezes along the roof’s overhangs. More and more water becomes trapped this way, building a dam that breaks through under your roof’s shingles and underlayment, eventually causing leaks.

If your energy bills have skyrocketed and you’re not sure why, it’s best to have a roofing contractor come out and assess whether your roof is properly ventilated. If you live in the Salt Lake City area, call Fortress Roofing at (801) 205-6100 to talk to one of our roofing experts. Whether residential or commercial, we provide the best in high-quality roofing service.


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