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Residential Roofing vs. Commercial Roofing

Last updated 6 years ago

In addition to being Utah’s premier residential roofing contractor, Fortress Roofing is also a leader in the commercial roofing sector. Commercial roofing systems are different than residential roofing systems: they serve different purposes, use different materials, and are installed differently. Fortress Roofing has several large and highly experienced crews who specialize in each type of roof installation and enable Fortress to stand out in installations of all types of roofing.

Although we refer to commercial and residential roofing projects in this article, what we are really referring to is low slope roofing systems and steep slope roofing systems. Low slope roofing systems are water impermeable membranes installed on roofs with a slope of 14 degrees or less. Steep slope roofing systems are water shedding materials that are installed on roofs with a slope greater than 14 degrees. Although some residential projects have low slope or flat roofs, and some commercial buildings have steep slope roofs, it is most common for steep slope roofs to be found on residential projects and low slope to be found on commercial projects.

Both commercial and residential roofs serve the basic function of protecting a building structure from the elements. However, apart from that common purpose, the two types of roofing projects vary greatly in both form and function.

Residential roofs are largely designed to be aesthetically pleasing: they are generally pitched (have a slope) and highly visible. The appearance of the roof adds a great deal to the overall appearance of the house, and is carefully selected to complement the overall style of the home. The color and shingle type are carefully selected to match the siding or other outside elements of the home.

Commercial roofs are generally much larger, flat, and hidden from sight. They do not have the slope to help divert water off of the roof, and therefore require different materials to ensure the blockage of water from the underlying structure. Commercial roofs are typically more expensive to replace, take longer and more expertise to install properly.

No matter what kind of roofing project you have, Fortress Roofing has the experience, manpower, financial stability, tools, materials and dedication to excellence to provide you with the best roofing system available. We are dedicated to creating customers who rave about us, and look forward to the opportunity to provide you with a professional and competitive estimate for your roofing project!






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