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Commercial or Low Slope Roofing Systems

Last updated 6 years ago

Fortress Roofing is a leader in the commercial roofing sector because we have not only the experience and expertise to handle any low slope project, but because we have the manpower to complete commercial projects in a fraction of the time of other roofing contractors. We also have the recognition of excellence from some of the largest vendors of roofing materials in the industry. These qualifications have combined to give us an unparalleled reputation for excellence, and that reputation speaks for itself!

Low slope roofing systems are water impermeable membranes that cover building structures with a slope of 14 degrees or less (also defined as a pitch of 3:12 or less). Roofs with such a low slope are not steep enough to divert water off of the roof, and so they are designed to withstand the consequence of pooling water and snow.

Most low slope roofing systems are comprised of three main elements:

·         A waterproof layer (or layers): this is the most important element as its function is to keep water completely out of the underlying roof structure, and consequently the entire building.

·         Reinforcement – this is what provides the waterproof layer with strength and stability, as well as helping ensure that the roofing membrane is resistant to punctures and tears.

·         Surface layer – this layer protects the other two layers from the direct effects of sun, rain, snow and wind. In addition, some surface layers add additional protection from fire, heavy weather such as hail, and also can provide solar reflection for maximum energy efficiency.

There are several different types of low slope roofing systems available, including options for energy efficient systems such as green and solar panel roofs. Thermoplastic roofing systems (TPO) are one of the fastest growing systems available, popular due to their high-temperature tolerance, ultraviolet resistance, and expected life span of over 20 years. EPDM systems are exceptionally durable and versatile, are easier to install, and are easier to maintain and repair than many other commercial options.

Fortress Roofing is not only equipped with the knowledge, manpower and experience to meet all of your commercial roofing project needs, but we have access to the best materials, will give you the highest quality workmanship, and can complete the job in less time than any of our competitors. Give us a call to discuss your needs, and we will give you a bid that is sure to please!


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