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It's Snowing!!

Last updated 6 years ago

Well, it happened... the first valley snowfall of the winter season! If you haven’t finished your winter preparations yet, the change in weather will undoubtedly have you scrambling to finish your preparations. This time of year is a busy time for roofers as the wet weather is often what brings attention to the fact that a roof has problems when it begins leaking into a home or business.

Roofing systems are designed to withstand the effects of the elements, but there are two main issues that can provide problems with your roofing system in the winter time.

One of the main problems for roofs in the winter is the formation of ice dams. If the temperature in your attic is above freezing, it will begin to melt the snowpack on the roof. The water runs down onto the colder eaves and freezes again. As this cycle repeats, the ice grows thicker and forms a dam. Water then pools behind the dam and as it forms “ponds”, and the ponding water can back up underneath the roof covering and leak into the exterior walls of the structure or into the attic.

Ideally, the snow on your roof should melt as it would on your lawn, at an even rate. This means that the snow on the cooler parts of your roof, such as the eaves, will melt at the same rate as the part of your roof above the attic. The problem starts when the attic is warmer than the outside temperature.

Anytime there are any openings created in the drywall or plaster of the ceiling in the room below the attic, such as hangings for fixates, it is important to make sure the holes are tightly sealed to prevent heat from escaping into the attic. However, the number one reason that heat rises into the attic is poor insulation.

Fortress Roofing can help! Call us today to schedule a free attic insulation inspection! As a Preferred Contractor for Owens Corning, we have a great relationship with one of the nation’s leading insulation manufactures of insulation products. We will not only help identify and problem areas that allow heat into your attic, but our skilled technicians are ready to get to the bottom of your ice dam problem, and have the experience to resolve the problem, even if last resort solutions like installation of heat tape is required. Call us today, so we can ensure that your house is warm and toasty, your attic stays cold, and that your roof is prepared for another brutal Utah winter!

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