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The Sky is Falling!

Last updated 6 years ago

We hope your sky isn't falling, especially if you are trying to keep warm and dry in your own home on a chilly winter evening. Although roofing systems are designed to withstand the elements, no structure is infallible to the elements. Not only can your home or building be affected by unexpected weight from snow, but other structures such as pipes, wiring, and even vehicles can be damaged as well.
The definition of "excessive" snow is really determined by weight, and not by inches. While a cubic foot of "dry" snow weighs about seven pounds, the same measurement of "wet" snow can be almost triple that weight! Wet snow is especially problematic at the end of winter, when rain is absorbed by the snowpack on a roof. Call us for an inspection if you see:
"    Sagging roofs
"    Cracks in walls or masonry
"    Sprinkler heads popping out below ceiling tiles
"    Bowed pipes
"    Doors that won't stay shut
"    Bends in supports
However, it is important to remember that well-intentioned efforts to protect your home can cause more damage than the snow if not handled properly. Here are some important tips to remember to help avoid problems with excessive snow pack on your roof:
¢    Add to the weight on the roof with YOUR weight or the weight of any equipment.
¢    Try to melt the ice with flames, blow dryers or any other electric device.
¢    Park your cars under areas where heavy snow or ice accumulation may occur.
¢    Try to break off icicles while standing under them - if possible, use a broom or long handled tool and do it out a window while you are inside the house.
¢    Use metal tools on your roof. Not only can could they conduct electricity if it touches a power line, but they can do serious damage to your shingles or other roof covering.

¢    Always wear protective headgear and goggles when removing snow from your roof.
¢    Keep gutters and drains clean to avoid build-up of ice and snow, and keep your downspouts clean from the ground level.
¢    Consider hiring professionals to help with the removal of excessive snow and ice from your roof.
¢    Clear snow away from outtake vents to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

As always, Fortress Roofing is proud to be your partner in maintaining the integrity of your roof to keep you safe and dry. We can help you determine if professional help is needed for snow and ice removal, and resolve any issues that arise from an excessive snow or ice pack. Call us if you have any questions!


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